Sunday, June 15, 2008

Old, Angry, and Out of Control

Just got back from the republican sister in law's house. McCain is toast. You heard it here first. My preferred slogan of Old, Angry, and Out of Control is actually the way she sees McCain. She's voting for Obama--though she doesn't trust him and hates his wife (can't say why even though its obvious to the rest of us why) because McCain is just too old and too angry. She read his biography and took that away from it. She doesn't care about his policies--in fact my brother in law referred to her as a "policy/schmolicy" voter. So there you have it. Every time the Republicans try to smear Obama as angry, black nationalist, muslim terrorist or whatever they are doing so because they have cultivated a "policy/schmolicy" voter mentality and they know they are living and dying with it because McCain isn't actually a very good standard bearer even on their own fake terms.