Sunday, June 15, 2008

Scary Bookieman

Honk if you're tired of hearing this same bookstore nonsense over and over again:

Honk If You Love Daddy [Kathleen Parker]

The above-titled chapter in Save the Males covers the turf of how and why fathers have been marginalized from the American Family. Hint: Patriarchs don't do well in an anti-patriarchy world. Based on reports from frustrated book seekers who are having trouble finding STM, I figure I would have done better to name the book I Hate Daddy! I'm hounding Random House about lousy placement — locationlocationlocation — but meanwhile encourage those who want to buy the book to dash to your nearest Amazon outlet. It's cheaper, anyway.

I can assure you without checking, Kathleen, that both Barnes and Noble were dudes.

Update: I've focussed on the bookstore persecution complex because the book sounds ridiculous all by itself. Also, I respelled my title.