Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Beauty Queen of Inane

Well, that was ugly. Lets get real here--the other shoe has dropped, big time. As Tom points out in the post below, and as Tapped poster's have also observed, this is finally a clear cut run for the presdiency between two utterly dissimilar philosphies--its unite, or divide. Its love thy neighbor, or hate him. They aren't going for the soft soap of "compassionate conservativism" and everything else ("reformer with results?" remember that Bush slogan) is going to be thrown over for the culture war. Romney, apparently, is already arguing that Washington is a bastion of liberalism and has been under liberal rule for the last eight years. I know they think the American people are stupid, and their last great president presciently observed that you "can fool some of the people, all of the time" but great jumping jehosophat do you really think that enough voting americans who can make a smeary mark on a ballot have already forgotten that George Bush was their darling for those eight years? Or that the Republicans were in charge?
Lets not confuse what we want to have happen with what will happen. I'm sending more money to the campaign so they can continue doing what they have been doing which is just working, working, working the numbers and doing retail political education and politics. But I just don't think the kind of scorched earth, naked and agressive hatred is going to go over well with the swing and indepenednet voters this year. And I think that the magic McCain the experienced Maverick get-out-of-jail (sic) free card is still going to work after this. I'd be interested in checking out modo's next column to see which way the press is going to jump but now that Palin and McCain are anathematizing their former bestest buddies and as long as the beauty queen turns her big eyes on the voters and consigns the media types to the tenth circle of hell for their fornicatin' washington elitist ways I think even the Sally Quinn's of this world will quickly find out that they hate *this* bubba vote even more than they hated classless Clinton.


And, yes, I wrote this whole post just to use this title which came to me in a dream.