Thursday, September 04, 2008

My God They Are Good

This is what I want to see. Biden's rebuttal to Palin's speech shows they know exactly what they have to do. They are building up expectations for her (she can give a good speech, may be qualified) but they are demanding that she move beyond sarcasm, quips, and vague personal issues to real substance. I've lost my worries about how Biden is going to debate her. They know that he will have to be very carefully prepped, and the advance work will have to be carefully laid to define what the viewers see long before the two hit the stage. My favorite line is in italics: More...

He also said, “They don’t want to defend the past and they don’t have any clear picture for what they’re going to do for the future.”

And he expressed some professional admiration for some of her “zingers” directed mostly at Mr. Obama.

“I thought ‘Whoa,’ ” Mr. Biden said. “They’re good, funny lines, but I’m glad they’re not about me.”

On another television program, NBC’s “Today,” Mr. Biden said Mrs. Palin had given “one heck of a political speech” and she would be a “formidable opponent” and a “very skilled debater.”