Thursday, September 18, 2008

Birthday Sonnet from Mr. Aimai

When else I'd be alone and unawares
Your shining face to me the world recalls,
To ground me in my place, and time, and cares
Or carry me beyond surrounding walls.

Your dulcet voice brings me the sweetest tunes
Your visage conjures views of fam'ly joys.
Our contract still extends for many moons;
Secure in prideful place, beyond all toys.

In modern life our time is not our own
Nor are we each an island in the sea
And thus the need for some sort of smart-phone
And for a network--preferably 3G

Now hands enfold smooth-contoured plastic blobs
We're bound as one, by the slick grace of Jobs

--Mr. Aimai

edited to fix "blobs". Though I like "blogs" too.