Saturday, September 06, 2008

Oh Please

As this happens I so, so, so want Obama to force McCain to accept a photograph of the two of them with Obama's arm protectively around McCain's hunched shoulders while Obama speaks directly to the Camera and says

"I know that John is pained by Sarah Palin and the rest of his party's attacks on the patriotism and vision of the Democratic party and its representatives. I know he was as shocked as I was at the angry, divisive, rhetoric in Vice President Palin's speech the night before his. I'm sure I take John at his word that he knows that democrats, like me and joe biden, love our country as much as Sarah Palin says she does. And I expect that any day now he'll find the courage of his convictions and stop kow towing to Karl Rove's hatemongers and the merchants of fear on the fringe far right."