Saturday, September 06, 2008

Queen Bee

Hate to post and run but motherhood keeps me pretty damn busy even if its not too hard for Sarah Palin. In the Biden vid that everyone is so excited about he is totally Biden--on fire when he is on the attack, garrullous and off point when he feels comfortable and gets folksy. But the one thing he started to do was to define Sarah Palin and McCain in a way that the country can grasp in an instant--he compares them to the just slightly richer kids in your poor school who bitchily make fun of you for your hand me down clothes just at the moment that you are most proud, and therefore most vulnerable. The example he chooses is awkward, but the goal is correct. And, of course, the right comparison is just laying there--its "Queen Bee." They hauled that one out and gave it a damn good workout for Hillary and for every strong democratic woman ever. But it fits miss beauty queen to a B cup even more. Her bitchy introduction speech, as Biden correctly observed, was full of "left hooks" and "stung" and was aggressive. And there are plenty of people who will be very uncomfortable with that if we remember that ressentiment isn't just for the right side of the aisle any more. She and John McCain are the sweethearts of sweetheart deals. If they ever were "one of the people" they've shown over and over again that they prefer riding high with the wealthy. Hit the sweet spot with this comparison and, at least for the less whacked out fundy part of the country, little miss winter sports goes down heavily as just another "mean girl."