Wednesday, October 22, 2008

13 Days and Counting

I know it's almost heresy for a political junkie to say this, but I will be so damn glad when this election is over. John McCain's slide in the polls has brought even more crazies out of the woodwork. When I hear people insist that an Obama victory will mean imposition of Sharia law, when they fear a takeover by "the blacks" (as if people of color are a monolith), when the new meme making the rounds in wingnut circles is "Obama couldn't pass a background check" -- including this dude, who, I shit you not, gets all on his high horse and says he prefers his presidents to be "drug free for a lifetime" ( I wonder if he voted for GWB) -- I almost despair for my country.

I also wonder whether any of these people will reconsider their rhetoric after the election when, assuming Obama wins, he turns out not to be a one-man al-Qaeda sleeper cell, when Sharia law isn't, after all, imposed, when Bill Ayers doesn't get a top spot in the administration, when the economy starts to improve and the rest of the world stops looking at us askance. In short, when he turns out not to be the anti-Christ they want to paint him.

Nah. The regular right-wingers will scream for four years about Acorn "fraud", and the religious nuts will just move the dates forward on their end times predictions. Same song, different verse. They'll just turn their attention from sliming a candidate to sliming a president. Those of us who lived through the 90s will recognize the tune.

Now I've really depressed myself. *sigh*