Saturday, October 25, 2008

How Evil is Evil?

So evilly evil that a website containing lists of facts has a liberal bias. Remember, liberals armed with lists of dates and places means that terrorism has won.

Before responding to this claim, let me explain why I’m bothering to pay attention to the "Fight the Smears" website at all. Ordinarily, a site that spewed this sort of odious and insulting nonsense would merit no reply. Given that it’s being run in the name of the possible next president of the United States, however, it may make sense to respond. Fighting "Fight the Smears" may even provide an opportunity to teach a valuable lesson.

Obama has been mightily helped during this campaign by his calm and apparently reasonable demeanor in debate. It’s tough to believe a man this cool could be a supporter or practitioner of Saul Alinsky’s militant intimidation tactics. Yet Alinskyite "direct action" is alive and well at Obama’s "Fight the Smears" website. This site still seems committed to the proposition that I should be barred from radio, television, and media generally–or at the very least barred without direct supervision from an Obama campaign representative. The thugocracy lives at "Fight the Smears." This is the real Obama, even if most voters know nothing about it.

Wonder how long before Stanley "the thugocracy lives" Kurtz does the perp walk with a backwards O on his chin and enough mascara to get picked up in Times Square by a drunken sailor?