Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hello? Its not "Traditional Marriage" the Way the Mormons Do It

Opponents of the measure have criticized the church's involvement in the campaign.

The Courage Campaign, a liberal advocacy group, plans to deliver a petition to a Mormon church in Los Angeles next week demanding the church stop funding the Yes on 8 campaign.

But a spokesman for the church, which holds traditional marriage is a sacred institution ordained by God, said the church continues to support the measure despite curtailing its Utah phone bank operation. h/t dkos

I've got no quarrel with any individual mormon person deciding that they hate them some happiness in California more than they love the money in their pocket books but please, let's get real. There's nothing "traditional" about "marriage" in the Mormon context. If they want to throw open their books, churches, and social practices and put them up against those of our gay brothers and sisters in a fair fight let them do so. But the fact that they follow a long dead cult leader who taught "celestial marriage" and a wide variety of other bizarre beliefs doesn't entitle them to lay claim to "tradition" unless tradition (tm) can have a very short and idiosyncratic meaning.