Saturday, October 25, 2008

Oh, More Evil?

Ace of Spades rips off the mask, finds clown face underneath:

I gotta tell ya, I've never done a political hoax myself but I have to think I'd be a little bit smarter about it than this Krazy Kretinous Kow.
Like, for one thing? I think I'd've been smart enough to get the ATM to take my picture shortly before my "attack."
Check me out, master criminal, thinking of things like that.
It's not just that she's corrupt and crazy.
I mean -- obviously.
It's also that she's not even minimally competent at it. The Republican Party is supposed to be Evil. Not "incompetent."
I assure you, Ashley, there is a difference.

Bonus BTVS: "And, What, you're surprised? I'm Eeeeevil...when will you lot stop forgetting that?" Spike to Xander when Xander protests Spike is stealing his lamp.