Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Obama's Grandmother Very Ill

This is so wrong, so sad. First Jill Biden's mother and now this? My own great uncle passed away yesterday. These have been hard years for that generation and it seems like people are leaving us faster and faster. I hope and pray that Senator Obama's grandmother rallies and sees him win the election--indeed, sees him inagurated. She must be so proud of him, and he of her. I meditate on my own beloved grandmothers and send Senator Obama and his family all my thoughts and prayers. If you want to do something for her don't send postcards, as the overenthusiastic kiddies at Kos suggest, send money to the campaign, or flowers to someone ill at hospital near you, or donate to a charity important to you *in her name* and ask to have the thank you card sent to the obama campaign to let them know.