Tuesday, October 21, 2008


One of the things I learned at the weekend's Waffle-Making-Bake-Sale-Yard-Sale for my children's school clusterfuck is that there is a grammatical tense, lets call it the plus perfect passive pta subjunctive that leaves one person holding the bag for eight or twenty hours of work while others drift in and out of the project murmering "cleanup will happen" or "were flyers posted" (see, also, "wouldn't candy apples have been good?" and "that went well although we were too busy to come" ) I see it at work, here, in Larry Wilkerson's amazing volte face:

Colin Powell's former chief of staff, Republican Lawrence Wilkerson, is also voting for Obama:

"A year ago, I would have supported John McCain," Wilkerson said. However, he said that in the course of this campaign, McCain has caved to political pressures.

"McCain, who in the course of his senate career was never too corrupted by the process, has run a campaign that proves he wants so badly to win the Oval Office that he was willing [to] sacrifice his integrity and character and found himself in the thrall of vested interests," Wilkerson said.

Really? He "found himself in the thrall of vested interests?" Can you give us a date and time and an agent in all that Larry? Weren't almost all the people on his campaign staff already "special interests"--hell, they were entire "interest groups" as far as I can see. What part of his campaign is not straight up Republican/conservative values, at this point and from the get go? Can you talk about the shame of his "sacrificing his integrity and character" while approving the party in whose service he has done so?

Its unbelievable to me the number of Republican old heads who have suddenly woken from their rip van wrinkly sleep and who are shocked, shocked to discover that the holy rollers and the slavering southern nostalgie de la boo-ers are actual constituent parts of the Republican alliance. Why am I surprised? Really. You know all those guys, from the neo-cons down to the petty cons thought they could control Bush and his tongue thrusting tools just like the military thought it could control Hitler. Shame about all the broken windows but g-d's will be done. But lets be honest--those rubes were brought in, all unhousetrained, to poop on the oval office carpet and distract the rest of us from the real special interests--we spell it M-I-L-I-T-A-R-Y--I-N-D-U-S-T-R-I-A-L--C-O-M-P-L-E-X. Its like they never grasped that their special interests were interested in ruling, not just ponying up their votes every few years and nodding their heads while the nation's coffers were raped for Colin Powell and Larry Wilkerson's job security.