Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pay for Play?

Balakirev over at No More Mr. Nice Blog raises a very nice point about the writer I blogged about below:

But as for Lafferty, I admit to being puzzled why she would choose to climb a very tall mountain at its most inaccessible side, without any equipment whatsoever. Politics has for a long time been about calling black white, but speaking of Palin as "thoughtful" and "curious" is so obviously the opposite of anything she has displayed, as to render Lafferty's own credibility up for grabs. Does she have a Republican job in the offing? Who is she pandering to, that she needs to not only write this bizarre Palin testimonial, but also thrust herself into the picture next to the good governor? If you want to say that several people who know Palin vouch for her sharp mind, that's fine; then at least, you're only somebody else's stooge. But when you claim that you know something that is blatantly false to be a fact, and you announce this to the world, then you're only your own stooge, and not a very good one, at that.

I, too, was puzzled but then I remembered this astonishing variant on the Nigerian Academic Review Writing Scam over at LGM: More...

On September 6, I opened up my e-mail and found the following:

Dear Robert Farley, I hope this email finds you well.

I am organizing a few discussions on Party of Defeat.
The book has been praised by seventeen members of Congress & Senate.

Have you read the book yet? I would like to send you a free copy and also offer you $1000 to write a critique of it for us, as we are welcoming a different perspective and debate/dialogue on this issue.

So I presume that one day last week Ms. Lafferty received an email offer she couldn't refuse:

Dear Ms. Lafferty,

I am a vice presidential candidate who has few friends among your glittering, upper class, feminist set. I know and value you and your ideas and I think they should be rewarded. Please, name your own fee for working with me and coming to know me better. Would a starting salary of ________ interest you? Act now, I have many other feminists lining up to bask in my presence but I would really like to work with *you*. Offer open for a short time only...

Your BF
Sarah Palin