Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Shhh, our secret plans, posted on the intertubes, must remain hidden

The weirdest thing to me of all is reading the head spinningly backwards cries of the right wing. As others have pointed out Obama is *both* an empty suit running a campaign that has alienated women democrats *and* a powerful, messianic, figure whose vast control over his forces has enabled him to seduce men, women, and children to his cause. Similarly, Michelle Malkin has posted an angry account of how Obama has "ordered" his followers to try to take time on election day to vote, or to vote early and try to get other people to the polls, and her readers interpret this as the public foreshadowing of the secret, private, plans to disrupt the election *for republicans* and to physically attack republicans at the polls. More... The insight they have into the campaign is gleaned from public policy statements and emails sent widely, to anyone registered with the campaign or simply up on public bulletin boards but somehow at some other, hidden level, Obama is sending out secret messages that utterly contradict the peaceful, communal, focus on the public ones? Is he using a separate set of intertoobz? Or a tin can with a whole lot of strings that run to the houses of his "inner circle" of violent supporters? It occurs to me, because I'm old and have a long memory, that the Right thinks all of Obama's public statements are dog whistles to a far, far, far far leftier and more violent america than the one that publicly shows up at his rallies. All those smiling grannies and cute babies? potential suicide bombers, every one. All those workers voluntarily giving up a day's pay, or swapping a work day with another co-worker? lazy, unemployed, street people being bought for a carton of cigarettes.

On October 28th, 2008 at 10:36 am, ITookTheRedPill said:

editing and repeating for emphasis:

Obama has been encouraging his supporters to ALL vote early. So, why do they need to take off November 4th?

I believe that Obama’s supporters will be used:
less for “Get out the Democrat Vote” and
more for “Suppress the Republican Vote”!

Those of us who planned to vote and then go to work on Nov 4th may find that their attempts to vote are blocked by “thug thizzlers”. I suspect that anything that can be done to disrupt voting on Nov 4th will be done.

Obama and his thugs will try to win/steal this election
By Any Means Necessary“.

Even in the event of a McCain/Palin win, expect drawn out legal challenges a la 2000 (and what they almost did again in 2004).