Friday, October 03, 2008

Standing Joke

Had a tooth pulled this morning. 8:30 AM I walk in the door with my Tree Huggers for Obama and get a cheer and a salute from the entire white collar white women working the floor of the dentist's office. the nurse and I go to town on the entire campaign so far--she knows every detail and is enraged about everything mccain's done so far. "All our clients are Democrats, mostly" she tells me "except one older gentleman. He's been coming here for years and he's really old. We asked him who he was voting for and he said "McCain! Because Obama is a muslim!" And I just thought "how stupid are people!"

The dentist comes in and I ask him "so is this where you put your foot on my chest and just pull" and he says "no, I use my knee" but a few minutes later they discover the tooth is really stuck in there and they have to do something else to get it out. "We're going to try a more conservative method here" he says "but its not mavericky. We're not mavericky people here."

That ticket has become a standing joke.