Sunday, November 02, 2008

Nutpicking: Anatomy of a Smear

How long before "Obama orders followers to tattoo themselves with the number 666/a bar code/a swastika" is in common circulation in a right wing email?*** oh, see below for an update

From Mark Steyn:

This may be a Jewish thing but... [Mark Steyn]

So writes a Democrat for McCain, who notes that the Obots recommend memorializing your service to the cause by getting numbers tattooed on your forearm. As Mr Warsch adds:

No wisdom, no memory, no historical perspective.
God save us from these people.

Ignorance is O-bliss.

From the Democrat for McCain Site:

Admittedly, this may be a Jewish thing, but aren't you frightened of people tattoo-ing numbers on your forearm to memorialize your service to "The One"?
It's creepy, and it shows no knowledge of or respect for the Holocaust. No wisdom. No memory. No historical perspective.
God save us from these people. They're crazy.

And from the Original Kos diary:

That's why it was such a surprise the day I found my desire to win was stronger than my fear, and made 204 phone calls. I gritted my teeth every time I dialed. But I did it. So I got myself a souvenir, to remind me I can push myself further than I thought I could go. [Image of the number 204 tatooed on arm]

There's a lot to love about doing GOTV. Maybe you have a cool canvass partner, maybe a walk through a neighborhood of pretty houses on a beautiful day. Maybe you have one of those incredible conversations with someone on their doorstep -- maybe an immigrant proudly tells you in halting English that he is now a citizen and is so excited to get to vote for the first time, maybe you actually change someone's mind, or even just plant an idea you can see they'll be thinking over for a while. Maybe there's the thrill of finally getting to log onto Daily Kos and tell your friends you, too, were out there working to elect Democrats.

But even if you can't find a way it's fun, if you really believe we need Barack Obama to be president, need 60 in the Senate, need a progressive majority in the House that isn't constantly undermined by the Republican-Blue Dog alliance, then you need to find a way to push yourself.

*** Here we go--couldn't find a link to her blog but here is her comment on the Democrats For McCain site:

To the OP: Thanks for posting this. Being half-German, I was horrified to see that particular photograph.
I linked to it alongside Senator Obama's proposed civilian militia idea on my own blog. [emphasis mine]
What you said, summed up what I feel so harrowingly. It's creepy.