Wednesday, March 18, 2009

57 layer interdimensional Chess My Ass

Look, much as I love the big guy I think its time we admitted that he, Geithner, and Summers are not, in fact, playing Romulan interdimensional Chess here. Unless the big sleight of hand was to use Geithner and Summers to so destroy the reputation of Capitalism and of Wall Street that he can fire both of them and nominate Paul Krugman and the Ghost of Karl Marx to run the economy and have them breeze through the committees and seize control of the helm of the new socialist economy. And I suspect that is not what is going to happen.


OK, Susie Madrak's take on the Budget and Steve Benen's on "The Pivot" gives me a little hope that Obama is going to make a go of it, even without the ghost of Karl and the presence of Paul.